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Recording Essential

The right mic for the right job is essential for capturing your music. We have an amazing inventory of classic and modern microphones. All our classic mics have been completely gone through by mic masters Toby Foster or John Peluso.


AKG C12a

AKG C24 stereo

AKG C28 (omni and cardioid capsules)

AKG D200

AKG D202e

American D22 and D33

Altec 626a

Audio Technica AT 4041

Audio Technica AT 4051

Beyer M260 ribbon

Coles 4033 ribbon

Ear Trumpet Edwina

Electro Voice RE15

Electro Voice 635a, 636, 664, 674

Flea 49

MXL V77L ribbon

Neumann U47 with K47 and M7 capsules (VF14M) 

Neumann U67

Neumann KM53

Neumann KM54

Neumann KM56

Peluso P414

Peluso P87

Peluso P28

Sennheiser MD421

Shure SM57

Shure SM58 (1968 vintage)

Shure Super 55 (Elvis mic)

Shure boundary mic (PZM style)

Sony C37a

Sony C37p (mod to nuvistor tube)

Sony C500

Sony C55p

Sony ECM 377 (upgraded)

Sony ECM 22p

Sony ECM50

Telefunken ELA M251 (1962 - AC 701)

Telefunken M80

Telefunken M82

Upton 251E

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